Airline Travel With Baby – Top 10 Tips

Airline Travel With Baby – Top 10 Tips

I found these “top 10 tips” for airline travel with a baby which I thought was worth sharing.

Tip 1. Try to book your flight outside your baby’s “grumpy” time. Babies tend to be very unsettled between 3 – 7 pm.

Tip 2. Book a seat next to the window. This gives you a little more room with a wall on one side and more privacy for feeding your baby.

Tip 3. Take a travel companion if you can! Although it is not alwatipsys possible, a travel companion gives you a break so you can maybe eat your meal in peace, get up to go to the toilet or stretch your legs.

Tip 4. Check in early and try to get an extra seat (if you can) for your baby’s car seat.

Tip 5. The nurse or feed your baby on take-off and landing. This will help alleviate the problems with ear pain – a bit like adults chewing gum.

Tip 6. Bring a few toys – they are a great distraction.

Tip 7. Pack a bag for a baby that contains the essentials like a change of clothes, diapers and baby wipes. If your baby has a pacifier pack that also.

Tip 8. Bring a baby carrier to hold your baby in on the plane.

Tip 9. Wait until your baby is 6 months old if you can – at that age, they are more resilient and easier to travel with.

Tip 10. Be gentle with yourself and your baby. Plane travel can be difficult for everyone so try not to worry if your baby cries. Traveling with a baby is worth it!