Foods To Take Camping While Pregnant

Planning a camping trip around being pregnant can be difficult! Especially when food choices for pregnant women isn’t easy in the first place.

It’s recommended that women who are pregnant eat extra vitamins, nutrients and minerals to help support a healthy baby. Plenty of probiotics and high protein food also help a baby grow to be strong. Mothers may also need extra calories in the latter stages of their pregnancy. 

Some items to bring camping while pregnant includes a cooler to hold items, cooked meats, peanut butter and jelly, nuts, crackers, protein bars and some other items are helpful choices. 

Probiotic Food like kefir, yogurt, and pickles are great for immune strength and digestive health. They can be stored in a cooler and are good snacks while camping. Each food is tasty and packaged in a way that is convenient for the camp site. 

Kefir is a fermented milk drink like yogurt that can be drank like a beverage. It is convenient and full of probiotics that promote general well being. The kefir is kept cold and enjoyed as a morning snack or a complement to any meal. 

Yogurt also promotes good probiotic health, and certain types of yogurt have more probiotic cultures. The dairy in yogurt makes it a good probiotic snack. It should be kept cold and enjoyed between lunch and dinner.

Pickles are generally not known to contain probiotics, but definitely do! They are stored in a jar and contain sodium. They can be kept inside the cooler so that they do not heat up too much.

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