Lotus Travel Crib Review – is this the safest travel crib?

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Are you looking for a safe, lightweight and portable travel crib for your baby?

While there a number of popular models on the market today, which all have their benefits, the newly released Guava Family Lotus Travel Crib and Portable Baby Playard seem to combine the best of all worlds!

After researching some of the popular options such as the Baby Bjorn travel crib, Phil & Ted’s travel crib, the Guava GoCrib (which is also made by the Guava Family) and some of the “Pack and Play” options I came across the Lotus Travel Crib on Amazon.

What I love about the Lotus Travel Crib is that it super lightweight (similar to other options at only 11 lbs – which includes the mattress) and it is incredibly easy to set up.

It folds into a super portable carry-on backpack so it is perfect for traveling anywhere. The Guava Family travel cribs are the only ones that have a backpack style bag which is a great idea as I was particularly looking for a baby crib that would be suitable for traveling overseas.

However, this travel crib is also a great option for visiting family, dinner out at a friend’s house or to take on a family camping trip. The Lotus Travel Crib has been described as being more than just a travel crib. It’s an EVERYWHERE crib!

Whilst all of the features ticked the box, for lightweight portable travel cots, the  thing that set this one apart for me was the zip down mesh sides. While similar to the Phil & Teds travel crib, on the Lotus Travel Crib the mesh goes all the way down the sides to the mattress, without a vinyl edge at the bottom, so your baby has full airflow and you have a clear view of your baby at all times, even when the sides are zipped up.

Given the recent safety recall of the Kidco Peapod in 2012 there has been an increased concern about the design of some travel cots for small babies. Although the Peapod is a different design to the travel cribs already mentioned, it was found that infants and young children could roll off the edge of the inflatable air mattress in the Peapod travel tent and become entrapped between the mattress and fabric sides of the tent. The Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC) said it was aware that a 5-month-old boy, who died in New York City in 2011, was found in that position in a Peadpod. However, the cause of death was not determined.

The Lotus Travel Crib is designed with mesh sides all the way down to the mattress to create a “safe, breathable sleep environment” so it’s no wonder it has a 5 star-rating on Amazon with rave reviews!

Lightweight and Portable

The Lotus Crib is really easy to use and can be broken down or set up in less than 15 seconds. You just unfold the legs in the bag, open up the crib and place the mattress in the bottom. The top rail locks into place automatically. The crib fits into an easy-to-carry backpack for quick getaways, whether visiting friends and family or traveling overseas.

The backpack carry bag means you can transport it around “hands-free” and it fits on a plane as a carry-on bag.

When the Lotus Crib is set up, it may be a bit longer and narrower than some other travel cots (The mattress size is 42″ x 24″ and height is 25 ” tall) which means it will fit a longer/taller toddler over an extended period of time. Recommended for 0-3 years there is no weight limit as the mattress sits on the floor. The Lotus Crib mattress is secured to the crib floor with velcro tabs.

+ External Size 42″L x 32″W x 25″H (tall)

+ Internal Size 42″L x 24″W x 25″H

+ Packed as a carry-on 24″ x 7″ x 11″

+ Weight (including mattress and bag) 11 lbs

+ Ages 0 – 3+ years

The Lotus Travel Crib does not have wheels but it is very light weight and easy to pick up and move around. The narrower design makes it a breeze to move around the house and it will easily fits through doorways. When travelling with the Lotus Crib, the narrower size means also means you will readily find a spot to set it up, in even the smallest of a hotel rooms!

Doubles as a Portable Playard

When you baby is awake the crib doubles as a portable playard where they can safely play with their toys while you are busy.

Babies and toddlers also love the zip down sides on the Lotus Crib because, when the sides are down, the crib turns into an awesome play house and babies can crawl in and out and drag their toys inside!

The other handy thing about the zip down sides is that you can lie down and read to your toddler or soothe your baby to sleep. You can even breast feed your baby in the crib and, if they fall asleep, you don’t have to disturb them.

Safe and Non-Toxic

In addition to its sleek and modern design, the Lotus Travel Crib is made from materials that are safe and non-toxic.

The Lotus Crib cover is removable and machine washable. To remove the cover you simply unzip each of the four sides, unclip the feet and throw it in the wash no matter where you are. The Lotus Crib also makes a great camping travel crib as the cover can come off to be washed after dusty weekends away. The mattress is really easy to clean if your baby has an accident, you simply wipe it off with a damp cloth.

Lotus Crib and PlayardThe crib is made from high quality, durable fabrics and has been designed for both the safety and comfort of your baby. The Lotus conforms to ASTM F40611b, the Standard Consumer Safety Specification for non-full-size baby cribs and play yards.

No chemicals or metals such as PVC, Phthalates, Lead, PBE or PBDE Flame Retardants are used in the manufacture. (These weird sounding compounds, with the exception of lead, are often used to soften plastics and are now known to be toxic to humans).

The legs are made from aircraft aluminium, providing maximum strength without the heavy weight.

The “ClearView Mesh” sides extend all the way down to the mattress on each side of the crib which allows for full airflow and giving you a clear view of your sleeping baby even when it is fully zipped up.

 FAQs about the Lotus Travel Crib

https://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B00AKKDSNG/ref=as_li_ss_tl?ie=UTF8&linkCode=ll1&tag=mimis0b-20&linkId=3af77b09f1cc63a687d982b61609f3d5What do you get in the box?

The Lotus Travel Crib comes with the crib, mattress, and bag (with convertible backpack straps), and instruction manual.

Does the Lotus Crib come with sheets?

No. But you can buy the Guava Family Fitted Cotton Sheet and/or the Lotus Plush Quilted Sheet separately on Amazon. Note: The quilted sheet is recommended for babies 12 months old and over.

The fitted sheets have a flat pocket design with velcro tab slots designed to fit the Lotus Crib Mattress. The velcro tabs on the mattress connect through the slots on the sheet, and then to the bottom of the crib floor. This secures the sheet firmly so your baby can’t get tangled up in it.

What do people like about the Lotus Travel Crib and Playard?

+ Suits 0 – 3 years
+ Lighweight and portable at 11 lbs
+ Hands free carry-on back pack
+ Easy to set up and break down
+ Full mesh sides for greater airflow
+ Safe, non-toxic materials

Are there any negative reviews?

I could only find 5 Star reviews for this product but some people have remarked that the mattress seems a bit thin. However travel crib mattresses are made to conform to certain safety standards to reduce the likelihood of suffocation if the baby ends up face down in the crib.

Also people have remarked that fitting the sheet to the mattress can take a little bit of time as you have to velcro it all around. It’s probably the most time intensive part of set up, but it is not too bad and gets quicker with practice!

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Recommendation and Price

I would highly recommend the Lotus Travel Crib at one of the best on the market. Light weight and portable with a sleek design and loads of safety features.

It currently retails for around $209.99 on Amazon which is comparable to the cost of other popular models, and will be well worth the investment – lasting your baby up to 3+ years, I’m sure you will use this versatile travel crib time and time again for traveling, camping or out and about visiting friends and family.