Maclaren Stroller Buggy (Maclaren Quest Stroller) Review

Maclaren Stroller Buggy (Maclaren Quest Stroller) Review

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Maclaren BMW Buggy ReviewI love the look of the latest Maclaren lightweight stroller, the Maclaren Quest Stroller Buggy, and I bet even the man about the house won’t mind taking this one out for a spin!

As we know, from time to time Maclaren team up with other well-known companies to release a range of “limited edition” strollers.

In the past, we have seen them join forces with Burberry and Lacoste and this time they have partnered with the luxury car company to release a stroller designed to emulate the sleek design and luxury feel of the Maclaren car.

Luxury Bucket Seat Liner

The seat liner is padded and luxurious just like the bucket seats in the Maclaren car. It is very comfortable for your baby to have a nap but you can also remove it if you just want to use the regular stroller seat. The five-point harness snaps shut with a Maclaren Logo buckle and can be adjusted for babies of different ages.

Be aware that the seat on this stroller is reclining but it does not lie completely flat so the Maclaren Buggy is recommended for babies from 6 months up.

Maclaren BMW Stroller
Maclaren’s BMW buggy to launch at Harrods

Lightweight and Great For Travel

The stroller is lightweight at just 12.4 lbs so it’s very versatile, easy to maneuver, pack and store. It is perfect for traveling and makes for a smooth ride with 4 wheel suspension and lockable swivel wheels.

Contoured Hood and Maclaren Logo

The hood is a sleek contoured design with mesh windows for ventilation. The stroller does have strategically placed Maclaren logos on the buckle, wheels and on the side of the hood but they are not overdone, just a subtle touch!

The Maclaren BMW Buggy comes in a range of colors and is available at Amazon under for $400 which is the best price I have seen.

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